Wired Video

4000 traditional system

4000 vandal resistant system

4000 true 2 wire systems

8000 traditional wiring

VR130 traditional wiring

Monitor options

Traditional video wiring

Old video systems used a 6 core cable to each monitor. Two monitors can be connected per button. The monitors have 51 or 56 suffix. 

True 2 wire video systems

These villa systems have a 2 wire bus that connects all compontents.

Systems can be enlarged to 50 to medium size apparment blocks and extra door panels. 

Compatible monitors & handset codes end in 81 to 88. 

Access controls

Keypads are essential on UK call panels. Most have 3 relays, programmable from 1-99 secs.

A typical use might be Code 1 to open a gate for 30 secs, and Code 2 to open the gate and keep it open indefinately. Code 3 could open the gate half way for pedestrians only.