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SMART SeriesSMART Series

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SMART SeriesSMART Series


The GSM-pro sets are class leading GSM intercoms with class leading features.

  • Dial to open
  • Free to download APP
  • Call up to 5 numbers per button
  • Two additional outputs
  • Set codelock PIN via the APP

The IPure range now with an array of new features

  • Up to 42 apartments per panel
  • Cloudbox IP relay and smartphone interface
  • Call up to 16 phones per button
  • Touch screem monitors, 3.5" or 7"
  • Cloud based access for remote administrator
  • 3rd party CCTV camera integration

Updated APP for IP systems



The Videx CloudNected Client app enables users to manage their IP video calls remotely via their own mobile phone so they can answer calls from wherever they are whether that’s from home, the workplace or even on holiday. With the app, users can completely manage entry via from their mobile device, creating the most convenient administration tool.

Audio handsets

3000 SMART Series3000 SMART Series

Basic handset, P shaped footprint

3000 Series3000 Series

Standard rectangular footprint

Kristallo SeriesKristallo Series

Stylish audio handset

Video monitors

3600 Series3600 Series

Legacy monitor with handset

Kristallo SeriesKristallo Series

Stylish monitor with handset

Stylish handsfree monitor

6200 Series6200 Series

2.5" screen with handset

6300 Series6300 Series

3.5" screen, handsfree

6400 Series6400 Series

4" screen handsfree monitor

6700 Series6700 Series

7" screen, handsfree

Door panel systems

SMART SeriesSMART Series

Unitary kit panels

8000 Series8000 Series

Modular slide in panel system

4000 Series4000 Series

Unitary vandal resistant panels

VR4K SeriesVR4K Series

Vandal resistant modular system

VX2200 SeriesVX2200 Series

Vandal resistant apartment system

VX2300 SeriesVX2300 Series

Modular press in panel system