IP Intercoms

Videx IP features

IP video app for smartphones IP video app for smartphones


IP door panel with videx IP phone app IP door panel with videx IP phone app

IPure intercom products communicate by plugging into your home router. The IP video entry panelhas a wide angle colour camera call progress LED’s and an input for a second camera. There are two relay outputs and two free inputs which can be used for door/gate release. The videophone is in the popular 6200 series with a 3.5” touch screen display for viewing visitors and navigating the function menus. Additional system features include a call log with picture capture of the caller and intercommunication between devices in the same home.

IP videocode kit

IPVKC video kit with keypad IPVKC video kit with keypad

IP intercoms use internet protocol streaming to send speech and video signals. The panel and monitor are connected by Cat5 to the home router, though only 2 pairs are used.

A smartphone can also take calls from the panel via the cloud.  The phone needs the Videx app. There is also a Videx IP wizard to help set up the system. 

The Videx CloudNected Client app enables users to manage their IP video calls remotely via their own mobile phone so they can answer calls from wherever they are, whether that’s from home, the workplace or even on holiday. With this app, users can completely manage entry via from their mobile device, creating the most convenient administration tool.