Card readers

Card reader features

Physical format    Card readers in their simplest form are a wiegand reader for fitting in a control panel. These devices connect back to a control module chosen to suit the number of users. Modular panels also have the option of a reader and control module combined. These are the most convenient format for user bases up to 100 users.

Number of cards / fobs    Videx have card processor modules from 20 users, 250 users, 1000 users, or 4000 users. Many control modules have computer setting including time zone setting for groups.

Number of outputs  each output may have a different function. That might be for incoming or outgoing, vehicle or pedestrian, or on simple systems the same action but at different times of the day.

Code editing   If you have regular turnover of users, you will need to recover their fob, or be able to delete it from memory. Simple systems only have a delete all option. Medium systems use buttons to select a user number to delete. Large systems can plug into a laptop, or even give online access.

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