Wired Audio

Standard 4000 series

Standard 4000 panels have a stainless steel facia with either brushed or mirror finish. 3+N wiring.

Vandal resistant 4000

Vandal resistant 4000 have a thick stainless steel facia. 3+N wiring.

Standard 8000 series

Standard 8000 panels have a stainless steel facia in black or natural housings. 3+N wiring.

VR120 series

VR120 panels are vandal resistant stainless steel flush panels. Surface box optional. 3+N wiring.

Vandal resistant panels

Vandal resistant stainless steel panels only, with codelocks or readers. 3+N wiring.

1 & 2 button villasets

Standard wiring is a 4 core cable from the door panel to the handset. Up to 4 handsets can be placed around the house. This is 3+N wiring.

4000 series is shown. See panel options below.

3-50 button apartent sets

Wiring is 3+N, meaning 3 cores comon to each flat, plus one unique core per flat. Ten flats in a block would need 13 cores from the door. Up to 3 handsets per flat.  Handsets should have digit 1 as the third digit. Use handsets with a 11 or 12 suffix.

Digital call sets

All handset in the 2200 system are connected together on a single 2 wire bus. The handsets have an address setting inside. Several digital handsets can be placed in the same apartment.

A good quality data cable is recommended. Use handsets with a 71 or 72 suffix.

Panel options

4 panel options are each shown with a keypad, but could include extra butttons.

  • 8000 series (udated from 3000 series)
  • 4000 series standard
  • VK4K vandal resistant
  • VR120 vandal resistant

Handsets options

Handsets may look similar, but maybe wired to a different systems. The handset type is on a label fixed the the mounting plate. The 3rd digit of the 4 digit number defines the wiring system.

Handsets are available with various numbers of buttons and switches. Check with the installer.

Access controls

A keypad module is a popular option, especially next to gate systems. Standard keypads have 3 relays. Each relay can be programmed for one access code and pulse time of 1-99 secs.  

A typical use might be Code 1 to open a gate for 30 secs, and Code 2 to open the gate and keep it open indefinately. Code 3 could open the gate half way for pedestrians only.

Many sets now have fob readers built in. GSM sets also include 'Dial to open' facility