Locks & maglocks

VY660 bolt VY660 bolt
VY136 strikeVY136 strike

Locks and locking magnets

Maglocks          Must have a DC supply, usually 12V but better with a 24V supply if wiring allows. The door is secure while power is ON. The controller relay needs to have a NC contact. Doors may need a separate night time deadlock in case of power fail.

Door strikes       An electric door strike replaces the fixed face plate on the door frame. It uses the existing door mounted latch. Most door strikes are fail secure, require 12Vdc to unlock, though some unlock when power is OFF. 

Door releases     These are used on heavy doors or gates. The release is mounted on the door, engaging in a surface face plate on the frame. Relatively high current means separate power supplies may be required. Check the controller relay rating.

Heavy duty bolts   are used on security gates. They need a high current DC power supply or a bolt interface circuit.

VY500W maglock VY500W maglock

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