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Videx handset options Videx handset options

 It is critical to choose the right wiring type. The 3rd digit denotes the wiring type.  It must be observed for compatibility. Click the picture above for the handset selector, or choose from the list below. 

Videx handset identification Videx handset identification

'Art' number on the back of the mounting plate identifies the handset. The 3rd digit is most important. The SN label only shows the date of manufacture.

Videx amplifier module identification Videx amplifier module identification

Check the back of your speaker or camera module fitted to the door panel. Check the compatibility chart to be sure the handset you choose is correct. The module shown above is 4832-1.

Getting to the back of the handset can be a problem. Wiring type can be identified from the amplifier module in the door panel. 

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  1. Videx Audio Handset Selector
    Videx Audio Handset Selector
    From £19.69 £16.41

    3000 Series Audio Handsets

    Number of Buttons:

    1 or 2


    3+1, 4+1, 4K kit, 5+1, sentry

    Call Type

    Call Tone, AC Buzzer, Call Tone + AC Buzzer

    Privacy Options:

    None, Privacy switch/button, Privacy/Door open LED


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  2. Kristallo Audio Handsets
    Kristallo Audio Handsets
    From £140.11 £116.76
  3. Kristallo Audio Handset Mounts
    Kristallo Audio Handset Mounts
    From £2.04 £1.70

    Desk kit for the surface mount KRA76 handset and back boxes for the KRA78 flush mount handset.

    • KRA038 – Desk kit for surface mount audio Kristallo with handset (KRA76)
    • KRA983 – Flush back box for audio Kristallo apartment station (dry line walls) (KRA78)
    • KRA981 – Flush back box for audio Kristallo apartment station (solid walls) (KRA78)
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