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Digital call or buttons

Apartment intercoms need to call from 10 to 500 resisdents.

Though individual buttons are intuitive, there is a practical limit to the number of functional buttons one can fit on a panel. A six module panel can accomodate a keypad and 40 buttons when using double density button modules.

Digital selection panels store names and apartment numbers which are then displayed on a small screen. The 'address book' can be viewed by scrolling up and down, or the flat nuber can be selected directly via the keypad below.

All technologies are available in multi-user versions. Apartment blocks have special requirements, such as multiple entrances, many PIN codes, and privacy. Wiring may need to run hundreds of metres requiring video boosters and power supplies. 


  • Wired audio or wired video 
  • GSM wireless audio 
  • Network wired IP, audio or video

Digital call panels for apartments

The case for audio or video digital call panels for is simple for entrances 40 or more residents. Our VX2200 system brochure (link opposite) covers digital call systems using a common bus.

Digital call GSM systems are the simplest system to instal. No wiring is required. Select an apartment or individual via the LCD screeen and press call.

IP systems are wired from a server to each flat in network cable. It is possible to have a building broadband service that would avoid the need for apartment cabling, but would only connect to devices with a broadband connection and the APP installed, such as smartphones, or broadband connected PC's.

Address books are managed with PC software via USB link. In addition, GSM systems can be programmed remotely via SMS.

GSM intercoms for apartments

Digital call GSM systems are the simplest system to instal. Calls are made directly to resident's mobiles or landlines. No wiring is required, but tenants will have a shared charge for the mobile 'phone service.

A digital call panel is used for complexes like student villages. The resident is selected by number, or on a scrolling name display. Panels have a built in card reader for the residents own  use.

GSM intercoms are set using the GSM app, avialable to download for free. On older 2G systems, it sends an SMS. All new systems have 4G with GPRS. 

The app GSM panel has a serial (RS485) link to card readers and codelocks, so access codes can be changed by an administrator at any time.

GSM systems have advantages for tennants. They can call several numbers in turn until someone picks up, or separately list an apartment's family members or sub tennants. Trusted people who are given the intercom's SIM card number can dial it to open the door. There is generally no charge for 'dial to open'.

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