Audio intercoms


The majority of intercoms are 1 or 2 button for private houses. 

Private sector intercoms for apartment blocks are wired for 5 to 50 users. They use the same modular housings with additional buttons. Modular access controls can be added. 

Individual buttons become impractical for large developments. We offer digital panels with a scrolling LCD display. Residents can be selected, then called. Wiring is also simplified with digital wiring.


  • Modular residential sets 
  • Modular GSM intercom sets 
  • Modular apartment systems
  • Vandal resistant panels


GSM intercoms

Videx GSM intercoms Videx GSM intercoms

GSM intercom sets are essentially a mobile phone fixed to your gate post. They have become the goto solution where there is no wiring provision for an intercom. A PAYG or contract SIM card is required.

When a call button is pressed, it calls you on your landline or mobile number. If the first number is unobtainable, it calls a 2nd number, and even a third. The 2nd button calls another set of numbers.  Once connected you can open the gate by pressing a phone key. 

A unique feature of GSM intercoms is using caller ID as an access code. Friends and family who know the intercom's SIM card number only have to dial it to open the gate. The line is dropped as soon as the intercom recognises the caller.

GSM intercoms are set using the new  GSM app, avialable to download for free. On older 2G systems, it sends an SMS. All new systems have 4G with GPRS. 

The app GSM panel has a serial (RS485) link to card readers and codelocks, so access codes can be changed by an administrator at any time.

Videx GSM pro diagram Videx GSM pro diagram

GSM intercoms are also popular on apartment blocks. Up to 50 call buttons can be incorporated, each button having several numbers.

A digital call panel is used for complexes like student villages. The resident is selected by number, or on a scrolling name display. Panels have a built in card reader for the residents own use.

Videx GSM digital call panel Videx GSM digital call panel

Apartment block solutions


Digital call panels are available for audio, video or GSM systems as a compact solution for large apartment blocks.

An LCD screen displays the resident's information, such as name or flat number on a scrolling display. When the details are correct, press the call button.

A full keypad can be used to select the flat number, or to enter an access code. 

There is a panel available for double height 4000 series modular panels, flush or surface. The VR120 series have a vandal resistant panel for their flush box. 

Videx digital call panels for apartments Videx digital call panels for apartments

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    Kristallo Audio Handsets
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  2. Kristallo Audio Handset Mounts
    Kristallo Audio Handset Mounts
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    Desk kit for the surface mount KRA76 handset and back boxes for the KRA78 flush mount handset.

    • KRA038 – Desk kit for surface mount audio Kristallo with handset (KRA76)
    • KRA983 – Flush back box for audio Kristallo apartment station (dry line walls) (KRA78)
    • KRA981 – Flush back box for audio Kristallo apartment station (solid walls) (KRA78)
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  3. VR120 Series Audio Panels
    VR120 Series Audio Panels
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    VR120 Series 4+1 and VX2200 Audio panels, 1 to 12 buttons, with codelock, prox reader or no access control.

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  4. 380N Door unit/telephone Interface
    380N Door unit/telephone Interface
    Our Price £337.79 £281.49 Regular Price £397.40

    The 380N/UK is a self contained telephone interface module for use on an analogue telephone line. Its primary function is to enable a user to communicate with an analogue telephone line and a door entry point (or points) using the same telephone handset. The handset can be a standard corded model, a cordless such as a DECT telephone or even a hands free telephone.

    The 380N/UK can also be configured for use with a PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) telephone system to be connected into either a spare analogue trunk input or spare telephone extension. All programming is carried out using the telephone keypad (utilising standard DTMF tones).

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