VR120 Series Audio Kits

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VR120 Series Audio Kits
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Choose the number of buttons, and select a keypad if required. The price and panel size will change automatically. The VR120 finish is a solid brushed stainless steel panel. VR120 Series have "4+1" wiring. 

All sets include a power supply and an audio handset per button. You can add three more Art.3011 handsets to a set. See handsets page. Refer to manuals page for wiring details.

VR120 Series one way and two way "4+1" audiokit, 1 to 12 buttons, with or without codelock, brushed steel

Material: 12 Gauge stainless steel (316)

Fixings: M5 counter sunk stainless steel

Speak and mic protection: Offset stainless steel mesh

Panel width: 120mm (w)

Panel height: 1-6 button – 220mm (h) / 7-12 button 280mm (h)

LED’s Red-Busy, Yellow-Speak, Green-Door open

Reasurance tones: Yes

Standard box: Flush mounting 50mm deep

System: 4+1 Audio

Power supply: 520M 12Vdc (Max 200mA), 8Vdc (Max 200mA), 13Vac (Max 1A

Handset: 3011 slimline with lock button and 3 position call tone volumeConnection