Monitor & handset & panel dimension downloads

VR120 / VR130 panels

Housing details for standard size vandal resistant stainless steel parts

6200 monitors

6200 range dimensions & attributes for handset monitors with 2.5" LCD colour screens 

4000 panel system

Dimension drawings for 4000 panels

6300 monitors

6300 range dimensions & attributes for handsfree monitors with 3.5" hi-resolution colour LCD screens

8000 panel system

Modular housing details for 8000 system, which is similar to legacy 3000  modular housing system that it replaces

6400 monitors

6400 range dimensions & attributes handsfree monitors with 4.3" hi-resolution colour LCD screens

SMK panel system

SMK housing & wiring details. SMK is the one piece budget range of audio and video intercoms

6700 monitors

6700 range dimensions & attributes handsfree monitors with 7" hi-resolution colour LCD screens

Catalogues & brochure downloads

Social Housing catalogue

Products for social housing apartment blocks, with structured wiring and vandal resistant panels.

Audio & Video kit catalogue

Intercom sets for 1 & 2 houses, with optional access controls, often to control an electric gate,

Access control brochure

Standalone and online brochure for the access control range.

GSM intercom brochure

Wireless audio intercom range from 1&2 button villas sets to digital call apartment block sets.

VX2200 system brochure

Apartment block intercoms for large systems. Audio systems run on a two wire bus. Video systems use 2 wire audio plus 4 additional wires.

VX2300 system brochure

Two wire audio & video intercom sets from 1&2 house villasets to small apartment blocks.

WS4 web access brochure

Download the brochure for the online access control range. Access is edited and controlled by cloud software.

Portal plus guide

Network & standalone access controls from the portal plus range.

Manual downloads for intercom sets & access controls

701T clock programming

Programming the 7 day timer. This timer is used for time limited access. Auto change for GMT/BST.

Vprox 250 manual

Programming manual for card access controller forup to 250 users.

4850 card reader

Installation and programming manual for modular card reader for up to 99 users,

Codelock programming

How to programme the modular and standalone 4901, 8800 and 8901 keypads 

ESVK set manual

Installation manual for true 2 wire sets. These are the 1 & 2 button versions of the 2300 system intercoms for domestic use.

Cabling guide

Everything you need to know about recommended cable sizes and cable types for each Videx system. 

2300 system manual

True 2 wire system installation manual for all 2300 systems from the 1 & 2 button versions to small apartment systems.

2200 system manual

Installation manual for 2200 apartment block intercoms. Audio systems run on a two wire bus. Video systems use 2 wire audio plus 4 additional wires.

380 telephone interface

The 380 is a telephone interface for 3+N or 4+N audio systems. Installation and programming manual

4K audio intercom manual

Installation and wiring manual for 3+N intercom systems using 4836 ad 8836m audio modules. Includes modular access controls.

VR120 panel intercom

Vandal resistant intercom manual using 136 amplifier module on a stainless steel plate.

VK4K installation manual

Installation and wiring for small system video sets on 6 wires. These work on the 2200 system wiring.

IPVK  panel IP intercom

IP system installation manual for modular 1 & 2 house IP systems. Includes access conrol.

GSM4K installation manual

Installation and wiring for GSM kits with a keypad. A simple kit requiring power and antenna. See associated programming.