8000 Series Audio Kit

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8000 Series Audio Kit
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Choose the panel style using the selection buttons. The price will change automatically. The standard finish is matte, but you can request mirror finish on the cart notes at no extra cost.

8000 frames will fit inside the older 3000 housings. 8000 modules will fit inside older 3000 frames.

All sets include a power supply and an audio handset per button. You can add three more Art.3011 handsets to a set. See handsets page. Refer to manuals page for wiring details. 

Standard rainhood is silver. Black is a popular option at no extra cost. Call our sales team for options. 





The 8000 panels are built from 120mm high modules set in 1,2, or 3 module high housings. One and two button panels use a single module, with a second module if the keypad option is chosen. Beyond 2 button sets, additional button modules are added. Systems requiring 4 to 6 modules are split into 2 columns. Additional columns can accomodate systems of over 6 modules
The configurer can build panels up to 12 buttons with a keypad. Each flat requires a 4 core cable. Wiring is 3+1. See the manuals tab for full details, or call our sales team.

8K-1 8K-1S 8K-2 8K-2S 8K-1/CL 8K-1S/CL 8K-2/CL 8K-2S/CL
Mounting Type Flush Surface Flush Surface Flush Surface Flush Surface
Speaker unit module 1 x 8836M-1 1 x 8836M-2 1 x 8836M-1 1 x 8836M-2
Call Buttons 1 2 1 2
Door Opening Built-in Lock Relay
Call Electronic Call Tone
Codelock unit N / A 1 x 8800
Codes / relays N / A 3 / 3
Illumination Yes, back-lit buttons
Mounting box 1 x 8851 1 x 8881 1 x 8851 1 x 8881 1 x 8852 1 x 8882 1 x 8852 1 x 8882
Rainshield Opt.1 8872 N / A 8872 N / A 8872 N / A 8872 N / A
Series 3000 Series Smart Range
Call Electronic Call Tone
Buttons 1: Door open
Controls Call tone volume (3 Levels)
Input/Output/VA 230Vac / 12Vac / 15VA
Size 29x29.5x7cm 40x29.5x7cm 29x29.5x7cm 40x29.5x7cm
Weight 2Kg 2.3Kg 2.3Kg 2.6Kg 2.4Kg 2.8Kg 2.7Kg 3.1Kg

3+1 Audio

Audio Kit

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3000 Series Indoor | 8000 Series Modular Outdoor

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Electronic Call Tone | Flush mounting | Modular Mounting | Surface Mounting

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Private House