4000 Series Proximity Readers

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4000 Series Proximity Readers
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4000 Proximity Reader Modules


Standard, Wiegand, MiFare


4000 Series


Standalone, Networkable


Matte or Stainless Steel


A selection of modular 4000 series proximity reader modules are available that are able to operate as standalone units, connect to an access control CPU and can also be incorporated as part of an audio or video door entry system.

The 4850 is a standalone proximity module, with 1 programmable relay (1 to 99 seconds or latch mode) where programming is carried out at the reader using the tactile buttons and LED’s on the rear of the module. Up to 99 cards (955/C) or fobs (955/T, 955/B, 955/R, 955/Y and 955/G) can be programmed.

The 4850R is an expansion proximity reader that can be linked to the GSMPRO audio module (4810) or Digital GSM (4812 series) via RS485 bus. The reader includes a dry contact relay output (CO, NO and NC) which can be programmed from 1 to 99 seconds or latch mode. Each of the above readers also includes a single switched 0V push to exit input.

The 4949 proximity reader is an extension reader only that can be connected to any of the VProx series of proximity access control CPU’s ranging from the VP20 (1 door, 20 fob CPU), VP100 (2 door, 100 fob CPU) and VP250 (3 door, 250 fob CPU). The reader can also be connected to the VP1000 (1000 fobs) and VP4000 (4000 fobs) CPU’s, both of which can have up to 30 main doors and up to 100 apartment doors when connected directly to a 1000A expansion module.

The 4849PP is a Wiegand 26bit proximity reader for use with the SC24000 standalone 2 door proximity controller or the Portal Plus access control system (PPCU2 control cabinets). The reader has resin potted electronics keeping it sealed from the elements. With RFID, EM4102/EM4200 technology and an operating frequency of 125kHz it has a read range between 8 – 10cm. It is compatible with PBX1E fobs and PBX2 cards.

The 4849MI is an offline standalone MiAccess Mifare proximity reader, part of the MiAccess system, and is capable of reading Mifare Classic 1K and 4K cards and fobs. It can be programmed and configured directly via the micro-USB port on the rear of the reader using either the PROA-MS or PROH-MS PC software. The reader has unlimited user (fob/card) capacity with up to 3500 events logged which can be retrieved directly via the micro-USB port or using a programmed ‘events collect card’. It has a read range of up to 6cm with an operating frequency of 13.56MHz. It also has a switched 0V push to exit input, a dry contact relay (COM, NO and NC), tamper connection and RS485 bus wires for remote relay connection to an RU2, DINRTT or RTT device.

The 4949WS4 is a Mifare proximity reader with RS485 bus for use with the WS4 Web Access System, and is capable of reading Mifare Classic 1K and 4K cards and fobs. Programming configuration & setup is carried out via the RS485 bus connection to a local WS4 control cabinet and using the WS4 Web Access software. Remote connection to the WS4 Web Access software is achieved using a standard web browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge or Firefix) where the system can be accessed and managed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

  • 4849PP – 4000 series, 26 bit Wiegand proximity reader for the SC24000 or Portal Plus system, (stainless steel finish)
  • 4849MI – 4000 series, standalone offline Mifare proximity reader for the MiAccess system, (stainless steel finish)
  • 4849WS4 – 4000 series, Mifare proximity reader for the WS4 Web Access system, (stainless steel finish)
  • 4850 – Standalone 99 card/fob, 1 relay proximity reader module (stainless steel finish)
  • 4850R – Expansion proximity reader for the GSM PRO and Digital GSM modules, inc. RS485 bus (stainless steel finish)
  • 4849 – Extension proximity reader for VProx access control CPU’s, VP20, VP100, VP250, VP1000, VP4000 and 1000A (stainless steel finish)