380N Door unit/telephone Interface

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The 380N/UK is a self contained telephone interface module for use on an analogue telephone line. Its primary function is to enable a user to communicate with an analogue telephone line and a door entry point (or points) using the same telephone handset. The handset can be a standard corded model, a cordless such as a DECT telephone or even a hands free telephone.

The 380N/UK can also be configured for use with a PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) telephone system to be connected into either a spare analogue trunk input or spare telephone extension. All programming is carried out using the telephone keypad (utilising standard DTMF tones).


  • Communicate with both a telephone line and door entry points
  • Open a door using the telephone keypad
  • Open the speech to a door entry point without being called first
  • Activate up to two auxiliary outputs (momentary or latching)
  • Reverse the door open relay for use with fail safe lock releases
  • Programmable adjustments including: number of rings, door open time, door open key, speech volume
  • Divert call to pre-programmed number
  • Program an access code to lock programming settings
  • PABX mode allows the unit to operate without a telephone line (also allows it to be connected to a PABX telephone system)
  • Dial in facility allow the 380N/UK to be activated from an incoming call